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Coordinated by P. Spiller, W. Scandale

AccNet is a Networking Activity (WP4) in the framework of EuCARD

and F. Zimmermann

(European Coordination for Accelerator Research & Development)


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Notice: this site is under construction. Please accept our apologies for its incompleteness and yet missing information.


AccNet is composed of three networks





Hot News

25-26 July 2013

5th TLEP mini-workshop, FNAL New!

17-18 June 2013

LHC Optics Measurement and Corrections Review, CERN New!

AccNet Article in Accelerating News Issue 5 (Spring 2013):
“TLEP” - Circular Higgs Factory and a Long-Term Perspective for High Energy Physics

AccNet Article in Accelerating News Issue 5 (Spring 2013):
Targeting the Energy Frontier for next Accelerators

AccNet Article in Accelerating News Issue 3 (Autumn 2012):
Circulating ideas about a new Higgs factory

AccNetArticle in CERN Courier (Autumn 2012):
ECLOUD12 sheds light on electron clouds

AccNet Article in EuCARD Newsletter no 8 (March 2011):
Proposed increase in energy takes LHC even further into the future

AccNet Articles in EuCARD Newsletter no 7 (December 2010):
A knack for novel acceleration techniques
Crystal clear ideas for beam collimation

AccNet Article in CERN Courier (24 February 2010)
Workshop pushes proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration

AccNet Articles in EuCARD Newsletter no 2 (September 2009):
Start by probing the crab cavities
Breaking news for Proton "Surfatrons"





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